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The future has already come
Smart Supervision System (SmaSS) is a client video stream analysis system that combines the most modern technologies.

SmaSS shows you:

  • your customers and their numbers;
  • gender and age;
  • the number of regular customers;
  • preferences and interests;
  • and, of course, SmaSS will show the video from your object.
Now you don't need to guess the customers’ behavior in your store, restaurant or bank. SmaSS will show it in a user-friendly web interface or in a mobile app.
SmaSS will help businesses of any size.
We know how similar services can be in Russia and in the whole world. We know how much you need to do just to get solutions for our competitors. It's not about SmaSS. Only right solutions are simple and effective.
In January 2018, we will show The «SmaSS» at the largest world exhibition for retailers in New York – Retail BIG show.
Outperform your competition and learn how to earn more.
Make a request here and now!
  • in the beginning of 2018, we will bring the equipment and will notify you at the contact information;
  • you need to fill out the form on smass.tech and make the payment;
  • you need to receive the equipment (the required number of cameras);
  • then you need to attach the camera according to the instructions and connect to the mains or a portable battery (it means you don't need to pull the wires);
  • and everything will start to work! No special settings, no extra wires and computers;
  • you will immediately start to receive data (video, Analytics, statistics, whatever).
SmaSS for the retail and service sector
We offer innovative service at an unbeatable price without deception and doubt – from 100 $ for 1 item in a month, and absolutely free equipment.
Leave a request now and be the first!
We do not ask you for any prepayment. We won't send you any spam. After we will show our product at the Retail BIG show 2018 – we will contact you to clarify the terms of the order.
Video surveillance with smart cameras
We have prepared for you another interesting product. It is a smart camera, which can recognize all that it sees.
Do you want to know when your child comes home from school? We can immediately send you a notification when it happens. This is one example of how innovation can simplify our lives.
The provisional price is 90$ for the camera.
The solution for parking lots
If you are owner of shopping malls, airports, stations, business centers – we offer you the affordable solution, which can make it easy to find free space for your visitors. Leave your request and we will contact you to clarify details.
Installation cost - from 100 to$ 2,000 for the facility with monthly payments of$150.